Carpet Stretching

Carpet Stretching

We use a Roberts power-stretcher or a mini stretcher to stretch your carpets; this ensures that your carpets will remain tight throughout the life of your carpet.

We have flat rates, so there will be no surprises or high-pressure sales.

Do you have loose carpets that need stretching?

  • Matt Stretching Carpet
  • Ocean City Condo
  • Ocean City Townhouse

You might be surprised at how many years of new life a little mending can add to your carpet.

Carpet Patching

To repair carpet which has been physically damaged, or permanently discolored, we offer patching, where the damaged section of carpet is replaced with an undamaged piece. It is taken from left over carpet after initial installation, or when necessary the back of a closet. To get a patch just right takes quite a bit of skill and could be considered an art. Fortunately, we have mastered this art over the years, and in some cases our patches are invisible after the work is completed.

Carpet Patching in Ocean City and Ocean Pines. MD.

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